Badassery #JustGiveChallenge Freebie! Resume template with examples

As we say in my country, “lo prometido es deuda” (what is promised is a debt). Enjoy! There are so many resume templates out there that can be overwhelming and honestly, not helpful! So here is a clean, simple template you can use and with actual examples! Download badassery-justgivechallenge-resume-template

Work-life balance: 3 easy steps to kick off your weekend balanced

View this post on Instagram It’s Friday so I thought it was a perfect day to kick off our work-life balance #MeliTips! . . After so many great things you got done this week, it’s ME time. Get the “life part” balanced out as you start your weekend with these 3 easy steps (it’s likeContinue reading “Work-life balance: 3 easy steps to kick off your weekend balanced”