Let’s break glass ceilings

Glass ceilings don’t only exist in management or leadership roles, they exist at every level. There are also glass walls and doors. They are the blockers that many talented, passionate, and creative people run into just because their career path doesn’t follow the corporate checklist.

Your career – or life journey- doesn’t define your success

I truly believe that having a very different, non-linear career journey is what makes you unique and authentic. After moving to San Francisco to be part of the marketing team of a top software company, I discovered how few people there, were like me, and by “like me” I mean: went to a small town college in South America, didn’t start their career in a Fortune 500 company, silicon valley start-up or a consulting firm, or spoke English as their second language.

Instead of feeling super proud of myself for being there despite not checking those boxes, I felt like an outcast, I felt I had to work double and harder than everyone else just to keep up. “How can I even compare myself to these people?” I thought.  “I’m not as smart as them, or know all the fancy business lingo they use so comfortably”. I literally had to still Google or translate some terms as I started my new role. When there was a project or problem that needed solving, I came with solutions that were very different to what everyone recommended, and I thought it was wrong, BUT it was actually GREAT. It was a different perspective, it was what they love to call in Corporate America: THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX.

It was eye-opening! As I started to notice that although I didn’t have their experience, my own life and work experience was as valuable. I was over-performing and had nothing but great feedback from my manager and team members. The fact that I had a very culturally diverse, real-life, and non-corporate work experience had actually helped me develop skills that were much more valuable.  Just imagine, I’ve been a teacher, an oil cargo ship sales rep, a dance instructor, and even a maid. Yes, I was a maid during my student years in Spain because I couldn’t find a job doing anything else. But most importantly, I had grit, and that has been my secret weapon throughout my life. Let’s use grit to break glass ceilings, to prove that diversity brings talent, value, and perspectives that will make any company better.

Let’s work together to:

  • Define – or refine- your career goals
  • Create your personalized job search strategy
  • Track & measure results
  • Advance your career & break some glass ceilings while we’re at it

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