About Me

Hi, I’m Meli!

My life is straight out of a telenovela—full of stories and unexpected twists. I’m a marketer, career coach, and badass who went from working with oil cargo ships in a small town in Venezuela to running regional marketing at one of the top software companies in the world.

I’m Venezuelan-Nicaraguan, born and raised in Venezuela, but I also call Morocco, Spain, and Argentina home—all places I lived before making my way to San Francisco, and now New York. As a Latina and globe trotter, I’m very passionate about translating my personal experiences into advice and help others advance their career and see obstacles as opportunities for growth.

My early career dreams were to be a superhero, I’d dress up as Wonder Woman on every carnival. That was an early indicator of my passion for helping others. What I didn’t know, but would learn later on, heroes don’t wear costumes and they’re more human than I thought.

I was raised by my grandma after my parents passed away. To me, she has been the epitome of grit, resilience and rebellion. She lived her life resisting the “conventional norms”, and raised seven children on her own. It’s her, “ita” (as I call her) who nurtured my voice, my beliefs and encouraged me to challenge the status quo. She was the first feminist I ever met, even though neither her or I knew it until now. She’s MY hero.

As I started to grow professionally and get access to different platforms, I started to use my voice and personal experiences to create awareness around different challenges faced by underprivileged communities. From educating on why it is necessary for companies to update the “talent checklist” and include more diverse candidates, to leveraging my network to empower other Latinxs to advance their career.

I recently founded Venezolanas in Tech, a community dedicated to inspiring women to pursue a career in tech.

Even though I don’t wear my Wonder Woman costume, my 4-year-old self still leads my heart and my purpose: to help others.

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